An Interactive Installation
    Willpower (William Ismael) + Carrie Mae Rose collaborate in the duo FLUID THUNDER for the interactive projection mapping of the tetrahedron winged computational fashion installation at Eyebeam (Art + Technology Center in New York City).
  • Credits
    Sculpture by Carrie Mae Rose. 
    Interactive Projection Mapping by WILLPOWER STUDIOS (William Ismael). 
    Video Shot + Edited + Music by WILLPOWER STUDIOS (William Ismael).
  • The Process
    Carrie Mae creates hand-built wing structures out of wire tetrahedrons and fabric. Willpower codes 2 animations in Processing, which is an open-source programming language, development environment, and online community. He uses Leap Motion, which is a sensory technology, detecting human hands and fingers. Willpower attaches his interactive human generated animations to the Leap Motion sensor. They follow a person's hand movements in real-time and on key with accurate precision. The public interacts with the installation by activating the wings through their physical movements.
  • The Story
    The animation displays beams of light representing solar neutrinos and the love we have access to at all times. Wings symbolize aspiration and ascension. The light is symbolic of angelic light coming from realms above, shining down to inspire and remind us that we are pure love in our hearts. The bubble eruptions represent both the thunderous fire energy residing inside our human forms and the Big Bang Theory that we are all becoming lighter and lighter each moment in time throughout our expansion into infinite space.
  • The Experience
    Human beings generate the art on the angel wings by moving their hands. They become part of the art. They create the art. An ongoing 3D generative animation is mapped behind the wings. An interactive animation generated by people is mapped onto the wings. Without human movements, no animation is created on the tetrahedron angel wings. We include you to be part of the art because it is about us. It is about the interaction between the artists and the visitors. We communicate and transcend messages which are experienced beyond just looking at a piece by making you a co-creator of the piece. It is about us coming together and interacting in the space with 'others' we may have not engaged in a conversations with otherwise. It becomes an unique shared experience.