the Carousel Family

  • Life is like a merry-go-round, it's filled with ups and downs, lively and calm, joyful and joyless moments. This animation is to commemorate my childhood memory, the excitement and satisfaction when I rode on the merry-go-round for the first time. It keeps rolling inside me from that time, and reminds me to enjoy the endless fun of daily life.

    “The Carousel Family” is an animated comedy about a family living in a house refurbished from a merry-go-round. Just like a real amusement ride, the floor in the house rotates as music starts. So do the furniture and household goods. But electrical and sanitary equipment doesn't rotate because they are fixed on the wall with pipeline. The daily life of the family is so busy with the rotation.
    Director: Te-Yu Liu
    Animating / Modeling / Texturing / VFX / Lighting / Compositing: Te-Yu Liu
    Technical Director: Shin-You Chen
    Original Soundtrack: Rick Hu
    Ending Credit Soundtrack: Yu-Te Hsu
    Sound Effect: Rick Hu
    Foley Artist: Winnie Wang
    Special Thanks: Shih-Wei Wang / Jo-Yi Chen / Kuan-Hung Chen / Pu Chen / Wei-Chih Cho