Unitedway / Wheelchair

  • United Way of Taiwan has launched a project of training people with disabilities able to live independently. This project is aimed to train people with disabilities to have skills that they do not need to rely too much on their family, and to live independently. Moreover, instead of decrease the burden of the disabled people’s family, the disabled people would not only able to build-up their self-confidence via this project and also could make them more integrate to the society. Furthermore, this project could make the society to understand that people with disabilities have possessed the equal earning capacity and perseverance as normal people, only if able to give them a chance.

    Elements from a wheelchair, which symbolizes people with disabilities, are restructured as camera and computers. This idea brings out the benefits of the program – where the disability can gain new skills for their living and rebuild their confidence; with all the love and caring, their lives have turned to the bright side.
    Modeling / Texturing / VFX / Lighting / Compositing: Te-Yu Liu
    Draft: Wakee Tseng