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    Neoteric is an Indie music magazine that showcases the latest trends in this rapidly changing industry. Indie rock is the more melodic, less noisy and relatively angst-free counterpart of the industry and the publication gets visual clues from the music. Articles profile the new wave of Indie rock bands achieving mainstream success. Feature stories include the growth of digital technology and increased use of the Internet as a tool for music promotion. 
    To reach a youthful audience with diverse tastes in the genre, the magazine needed to be conceptually modern and inclusive. The atmosphere of the publication reflects the attitude of the music through color, layout and font selection. The front cover of the publication features compelling black and white portraits of musical artists. Each cover image splits into a short sheet that teases readers with the interesting features in each issue. Layouts get inventive with word and letter spacing in an unorthodox way that mimics the syncopated rhythms of music. 
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