• Fuse
    Fuse is a refreshing beverage that artfully blends a twist of Japanese sake with an infusion of tea. This product aims to be the alcoholic drink of choice for adventurous 22–36 year old females and their male companions thirsty for new flavors. This singular combination is a refreshing flavor and when chilled makes the ideal beverage for summer evenings. Perfect for parties the sweet flavors of sake and tea are artfully blended with unique ingredients that give traditional Japanese flavors an urban spin.
    To convey the essence of this brand I designed a custom logo, drawn by hand to celebrate handcrafted ingredients. The playful, modern script has youthful, eye-catching energy and feminine curves to appeal to a women’s sensibility. Fusing styles I developed a leaf icon with delicate forms to echo the mystical ideals and line quality of Vienna Secession artist Margaret McDonald. Inspired by the ancient art of Japanese origami I decided to wrap each bottle in patterned paper that was made by combining the fuse logo and icon. The tea leaf motif was also etched onto the bottle neck and repeated in color under the script to designate each sake flavored tea. Using an eclectic combination of beautiful traditional elements gave the packaging a simple, modern feel.
  • _Product packaging
  • _Patterned bottle wrap
  • _Coasters
  • _Recipe cards
  • _Party decorations
  • _Brand manual