Hubba Bubba

  • Some friends and I made this integrated campaign for a class assignment. We immediately found that bubble gum brands have very similar voices. We wanted to give Hubba Bubba a position that was unusual and unique for a bubble gum brand. The result is a PSA warning kids about bubble bullies who want to pop their bubble.
  • Print Ads
  • School Takeover
    We created a "No Bubble Bullying" sign to post around schools and playgrounds to make our campaign feel like a real PSA.
  • Self-Defense Brochure
    This was the PSA literature we created. A fun and silly guide for how to defend yourself against bubble bullies.
  • Website
    At this site users can identify themselves as a bubble bully victim or bubble bully and receive help. While vitims can talk about their bully experience and report bubble bullies from their Facebook friends list, bullies are sent to a support group where they can pledge to never bully someone's bubble again.