Horse Thieves

  • This was done for a book called 
    The Horse Thieves, and Other Tales of the New West
    This was used for the cover image for the book. 
    The Idea behind it was the cowboys drive muscle cars instead of having a horse. So I felt it needed a victorian western type look with a few things you might use on a horse. This was a fun piece to work on.
    In an alternate American West both eerily familiar and vastly different from our own, a man’s car is his steed. Years ago, Yoshimitsu Automobiles purchased all the struggling car companies and formed Consolidated Motor Corp or CMC. Any "horse" worth its shoes is made by the conglomerate, which owns "ranches" across the country. With a stranglehold on the market, CMC does what it wants, when it wants, how it wants — all at the direction of the company’s vainglorious president, Darwin E. Hayes 

    This is the world where Crawford — a cynical gun-for-hire — lives, works and has learned to survive. It’s not an easy life in the dusty, cutthroat towns of the west, but it’s one where Crawford is fortunate enough to have a roof over his head, a beautiful and willful woman at his side, and a trusty horse on his hitching post — a CMC Colt.
    Here is a link to the book on Amazon if intrested. The Horse Thieves
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