THE UNDA // An Interactive Installation

  • THE UNDA // An Interactive Installation
  • The UndaWorld: A place of peace and ease to flow out of the Matrix
    The UndaGround: Where Art is created from the Heart
  • It is Unda instead of under to twist the meaning of the word to reinvent its definition.
    The Unda is where we feel free to be who we are even if judged for being different.
    Difference is beauty.
    Planet earth is all about diversity.
  • Conformity is forced in society but does not cultivate people for who they are and their natural gifts.
    We see this in schools, the work place, and more.
    Conformity is why many choose careers just for money even if it causes a ‘fake’ life to just be accepted.
  • We come to the Unda to celebrate life and who we are in our heart.
    We nurture this aspect of ourselves and share our inner beauty with people naturally.
  • I have been an underground artist and I neva stopped just because I ‘neva made it.’
    Life to me is about doing what we love and Putting Our Heart Into It.
    It has not been easy, but with each obstacle is a great lesson.
    Besides, what is the better option ?
  • The Arrow of the sculpture points down, to awaken minds to check out what is going on in the Unda.
    It is not just about feeding on mass media and blindly doing what we’re told without doing our own research, but digging deeper into life below the surface.
  • If you look at society, the coolest people are the ones in the UndaGround scene: Hip Hop, Punk, Electronic, Rock are all really UndaGround Kultures which are exploited by the corporate and turned into Pop for profit by robbing artists with fraudulent contracts. It doesn't mean that artists should not become corporate, but we have to value our worth. Corporate needs Kulture because that's what it lacks. It lacks freedom of self expression, so with more Kulture, corporate becomes more Human.
  • Same thing with Street Art. Graffiti is a Hip Hop element which started in the ghetto as ways to express ones' self against oppression. It then went from the South Bronx to the rest of the world. Now, it's an accepted thing, and street artist are finally getting their due. They paint entire poor neighborhoods and transform them. Then the rich move in and turn those areas into cheesy places.
    The UndaGround is where the life is, it's where the expressive souls are.
  • Process: I mapped the structure with code