• Eyes Wide Open 

    A propaganda book structured to guide and manipulate the reader, opening their eyes to the Propaganda that is being used on them daily. Each chapter builds up the Propaganda narrative until the final chapter, when the narrative is then pointed at you.

    Eyes Wide Open begins with the History of Propaganda and why/how it came to be. The 2nd chapter delves into the terms and techniques that are used to manipulate and control the masses. 

    The third chapter reveals how Propaganda has evolved past the iconic war poster and into your screen. It is now broadcasted through digital media straight into your subconscious. 

    The fourth chapter explores the gatekeepers, the six media giants(and billionaire CEOs) who own every single media company controlling all aspects of our daily lives. 

    The final chapter introduces the Godfather of Propaganda, Edward Bernays(the nephew of Sigmund Freud) who wrote the playbook for the exact media manipulation we are seeing today. The television(and now your phone) induces a trance like state in the viewer regardless of the content. 

    The person who is unaware of this trance state falls asleep. They are highly prone to the messaging and manipulation targeted at a subconscious level. To protect your mind, critical thinking requires that you are awake and prepared to question everything with your eyes wide open.

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