• Synchrony is a music therapy platform that helps parents and children with autism develop intimacy and promote understanding with each other through improvised music play.
  • An emotional barrier exists between parents and children with autism.
    This often leads to low self-esteem and decreased self-efficacy for both parent and child.
    Improvised play in music therapy has proven to effectively bridge that social/emotional gap. However, the technical nature of music improvisation often intimidates parents from practicing it with their child.
  • By opening up a channel for social interaction through music creation, Synchrony actively promotes learning & discovery, helping parents accelerate into a state of acceptance of themselves and their child.
  • Designed to sound harmonious regardless of musical ability, Synchrony facilitates a mutually enjoyable music making process.
    Parent and child can both coexist in a shared space, communicate nonverbally through music creation, and engage in interpersonal play while working towards therapeutic goals.
  • Connected via low-energy bluetooth, the complimenting smartphone app allows parent, therapist or child to toggle between a selection of sounds according to their preference or mood. 
    The smartphone app also records play sessions and facilitates goal coordination between parent and therapist.
  • Synchrony uses the approachable and universally understood form language of a hand drum.
    The soft, press-able silicone skin responses to the user’s touch by producing volume and resonance according to the pressure applied and the duration pressed.
  • View the full project at: http://kennethtay.com/synchrony