Gold's Gym Rebrand

  • Rebranding Gold's Gym

    Gold’s Gym was overdue for a fresh look. Famously known as the home for bodybuilders in the 1970’s, they have never been able to overcome the star power that Arnold Schwarzenegger brought as he became the face of Gold’s Gym. 

    Currently Gold's Gym is trying to compete and fit in with the same target audience that modern gyms like 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness have. Gold's Gym current branding feels aggressive, generic and disjointed while being inconsistent across multiple platforms. Their logotype feels heavy but vertically compressed while the bodybuilder will most certainly lose detail when scaled. Yet the logo and gold color are so iconic it almost seems insane to change it. 

    My rebranding of Gold’s Gym focuses on their strengths, which lie in their past. Instead of competing with the modern fitness gyms, I redesigned Gold’s Gym brand identity to stand out with a retro 1970's inspired look and feel fused with a more contemporary and less serious approach.

    The new Gold’s Gym is: Bold, Dynamic, Nostalgic, Vivid and Fun. Gold's Gym is for the people who experienced the Gold Era and for their children and grandchildren. It is gym for body building, regular fitness and anywhere in-between. 

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