Day Hike Backpack

  • Project Details
    The product development took seven weeks, three weeks of research, two weeks of brainstorm & ideation and two weeks of model making. The model was made using appropriate waterproof industrial fabrics and rugged materials such as PUL (polyurethane laminate) and silicone coated polyester taffeta, styrene and waterproof teak wood, making it functional and aesthetically pleasing.
    The form and color of the bag were carefully chosen. The triangular compartment arrangement made the bag more stable and rugged for day hikes because triangle is the only two dimensional polygon that if constructed of rigid members with hinged corners is absolutely fixed in shape up to the compressive and tensile limits of its members. Orange color is used for RUGGSACK because it is a very bright, conspicuous color that you rarely find in nature. If you are trying to rescue someone who has fallen overboard, you need to be able to see them. If they are wearing a bright orange you will be better able to see them than if were wearing blue or green.
    RUGGSACK provides four major separate compartments for food, water, camera and sweaty/dirty clothes. These compartments help users manage their space and keep all the equipment and supplies separate and provides a faster access (unlike any other backpacks in which users tend to dig inside and spend a lot of time to sort out and find their supplies). At the bottom of the bag is a built in raincoat to make itself waterproof.
    The smart compartment design for RUGGSACK could be altered in dimensions and used in its Line extension for various purposes like traveling, office, school, college, grocery and many more.