My Process

  • People, read my article before asking.

  • It’s a great honor to be interviewed by Robert Newman for the American Illustration Profile.
    アメリカのイラストレーション年鑑が連載しているAmerican Illustration Profileというシリーズのインタビュー記事(英語)です。
  • I’ve been featured on the 1st issue of Rising Artists Magazine. They kindly allowed me to distribute PDFs of the article, where I talked about my work and process. You can download and read it if you like.

    ブルネイのRising Artists Magazine第1号に上の絵の制作過程やインタビューが掲載されました。そのPDF(英語)を配布しても良いとのことでしたので、興味ある人はどうぞ。
  • Here is my making video of the 2013 Masters 15th hole illustration for Golf Digest April issue 2014. The line drawing at the beginning is one of my sketches I made at the golf course last year. I scanned it and colored as you see in this video. The entire process recording was more than 15 hour long but I edited and shortened it, sped up to approximately 12 times faster. Music by my friend, Tumbleweed.
  • Making of Ski Jump illustration by Tatsuro Kiuchi.
  • I tried to show a little about my process, explaining how I used textures. Read more at Drawger.

  • Before going into textures I use, I would like to talk a little about brushes.
    These are basically the only brushes I use in Photoshop. I draw lines with the one (chalk/pastel like brush) indicated here in bold border. I use either this one or just the round brushes to paint flat colors, in dissolve mode with no pressure sensitivity. When using as erasers, I use the same brushes in pencil mode, again with no pressure sensitivity. No tricks, very simple.
    Only very occasionally, I use chalk/pastel 236, which is set to be pressure sensitive. In this case too, in dissolve mode. The reason why I only use brushes in dissolve mode is that I don’t really like the soft edges or gradations of digital brushes. The softness looks a bit too smooth and perfect, and it just doesn’t feel right in my works.
    I draw directly on screen using Wacom Intuos. I used to draw traditionally on paper with pencils and then scan in to use as a basic drawing but not anymore. I found it difficult to alter “traditionally drawn” lines with digital lines when I need to fix my drawings in Photoshop. So why not draw digitally in the first place?
  • Here is my “unflattened” photoshop file of the above image (low-res), which you can download and scrutinize.