• A rebrand project for Typotalks London 2017.
    The project is to design a typographic word mark/logo for TYPO London. The logo will go on T-shirts and attendee badges, as well as large posters. Logo should be designed in black and white.


    Design conference and seminars

    Design requires inspiration, knowledge networks.
    For the first time since the 1960s, human centered design is high on the agenda: issues such as accessibility, inclusivity and mobility are once more taking center stage. And as society looks for solutions to social problems of all kinds, it is to design – and designers – that it increasingly turns.

    TYPO London : Social provides a unique opportunity to investigate the myriad ways in which designers can function socially. And by ‘functioning socially’ we don’t just mean in the socio-political sense: thanks to huge changes in the nature of media, the act of designing is, more than ever, a social act, whether it is working for a global brand or designing a new eco-friendly typeface.
    There is no single path; there are many. But we can be sure of one thing: the socially minded designer is the designer best equipped to deal with the changes that we all face as a culture.
  • Starting of the project with brainstorming 30 ideas for the word mark/logo.
    Most of these logos are base on the idea of assemble and dissemble. Some of them are expressing the idea of platforms, some of them represent gears(how type plays an important part in the society), and some of them are just playing with typography composition and different mediums
  • Recognition:
    • The Chois Gallery Magazine- Issue 39
    • Behance—Graphic Design Catalog
  • After refining one word mark. We did 6 poster layouts.
    The word mark should set the tone for the poster. Print each poster, both positive and negative, b/w, scaled down to fit on 11x17 inch sheets, one poster per sheet.
  • Considered its legibility, hierarchy and the way each information were present.
    Refine the stroke weidth of typo london, and also add in the name of the speakers.
  • Applying the word mark to name badges.