Fisker Karma - Interior/Exterior Design 2008 to 2011

  • Fisker Karma 2011
    Fisker Karma 2011 production interior and exterior design support. Executed all seating design in to production along side other details on the interior and exterior
  • Original Karma Concept 2008 Interior.
  • Some of the original sketches for the Karma seats.
  • Fisker Karma Rear Seats in Eco Chic Animal Free trim option.
  • Sill Plate/Hard Trim Detail Final Production Design.
  • Gear Selector for the Karma
  • Original sketch for the Karma keyfob. Not very good! We only had 4 weeks to go from this to a toolable class-a surface.....
  • Karma Keyfob Design, I also did this CG rendering in KeyShot
  • Karma 21" Winter wheel Design. I also created the CG rendering in KeyShot