Cresc is a versatile and modular speaker system, that is designed to create and set an ambience with
    your favorite music and playlist, throughout different modern environments and spaces.  
    Speaker as an Instrument
    Inspired by the traditional Korean instrument Janggu, Cresc borrows from an
    essential physical feature of the hourglass shaped internal body, that
    localizes and carries sound, as it resonates through and enriches its environment.
    Stereophonic Sound
    The traditional Korean instrument Janggu, provides two different pitches and tones,
    creating a balance of highs and lows. Cresc is shaped to create an optimal stereo
    sound with the integration of its subwoofers into the opposite ends of its body.
    Different orientations allow Cresc to direct its sound within an environment.
    Being In Harmony
    Much like the different moods people experience throughout the day, Cresc creates
    opportunities for different rooms and spaces to incarnate tone and mood to
    exemplify the unique characteristics of that particular environment.
    New Experience
    Cresc is modular and transformable, adapting to its surroundings and that way it can be used.
    Cresc allows for it to be carried by users and even hung in environments. Syncing of
    multiple speakers allows for different usages and occasions.
    Modular System
    Mix and play different songs and playlists. Physically connecting two halves of Cresc, allows
    for users to move and combine music from different environments and playlists.
    Unlike a big and heavy sound system, Cresc is a modular speaker system that can be easily
    moved, stored and displayed, making it ideal for the contemporary lifestyle.