• Status Quo

    The zine is based on two contrasting subjects: Yayoi Kusama and Australian aborigines' traditional ritual called "The Walkabout". The design challenge was to discover a unique similarity between the two and make them look/feel cohesive throughout the zine. After an extensive amount of research, I realize that their decisions in life offer us a similar life lesson that we all could absorb and apply to our own lives. They were able to break the status quo.
  • Magenta: The color, magenta, symbolizes spiritual stability. I utilized the idea of spirituality in the film, "Self-Obliteration" by Yayoi Kusama and the ritual called Walkabout. 
  • Awards:
    Adobe Design Award Semifinalist 2017

    Photo credit to Jessie Mar.
  • The similarity between Yayoi Kusama and Walkabout is that they go against the stereotypical views to be who they are as individuals. 
  • This zine is not only about the the similarities between Yayoi Kusama and Australian aborigines, but also about how their lives could encourage us to break out of the box to be who we are as individuals.
  • You are not 
    Throughout six weeks, I've asked several strangers, friends, and my instructors about their experiences of breaking the stereotypes that limited them from being who they are.

    Special thanks to:
    Karlo Francisco, Tracey Shiffman, Jonathan Lee, Eura Bang, Emma Mclaren-Cobb, Jason Ham, Cole Case, Jackie Rodriguez, Josh Byun, Nya Walker, Jon Nguyen, Shelby Chacon, Patrice Miranda, Jennie Pham, Tre Fitts, Mark Sanchez, Mansi Soni, and Lyne Cha. 
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    Special thanks to Guillaume Wolf for his guidance and support.