Made in Japan: Modernism After the Madness

  • Project Brief:
    Made in Japan: Modernism After the Madness is a hypothetical exhibition at MOMA in New York, introducing Japanese Modernism in graphic design in post-war period. This project was to make a catalog and posters of the exihibition.
    After Japan lost the World War II, they enocountered a dynamic change in their culture and economy. Also art world in Japan changed Dynamically in the period. This project introduces graphic designers that had huge influence on developments of Japanese economy and art world. The main concept of this exhibition is to reintroduce the modern samurai spirits of pioneers of graphic designers in Japan. Also it is to show my respect as a Japanese man to their masterpieces and stories of them in the chaos after losing World War II as well. Made in Japan is project that takes people on a journey to the beginning of modern graphic design history in Japan.

    In order to communicate the concept, I introduced some of Japanese graphic design elements such as vertical body texts, and display typeface that is designed by a Japanese typographer. Also as one of the key visuals, I used red and navy stripes pattern which represents an old Japanese national flag from World War II era. By using this pattern as one of the graphic elements, the project represents the voice of the Japanese modenism movement, and also back story behind it.

    53rd Annual American Graphic Design Awards  Winner
    • 2016 ADAA Semifinalist — Commercial - Print / Graphic / Illustration 
    • The main gallery at ArtCenter College of Design hillside campus