• SIGGRAPH is a design and technological convention which stands for Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques. The current brand identity speaks mainly to the technological part of the convention.

    The rebrand brings together technology and design through structured typography teamed with playful colors and movement. The brand now speaks to a wider audience, inviting curious consumers, in addition to forward-thinking creators, to experience the progress that is being made in technology and design today.
  • The redesigned website focuses on showcasing the work from previous conventions, helping first-timers understand the potential of SIGGRAPH and getting the regulars excited about the upcoming convention
  • In this water based installation, inspired by Pierre Huyghe, guests are invited to play with and pick up water that has been solidified through a technique in molecular gastronomy called spherification. Within some of the water solids are RFID tags that alter the visuals, depending on which ones are picked up.