• Typographic Conference Identity Project

    A rebrand project for a typographic design conference called TIPO ROMA 2017.
    This project's purpose is for the creation of a typographic word mark/visual identity.
    The logo will go on T-shirts, name badges, large posters (3ft.w x 6ft.h), and more. 
    Logo should be designed in black and white. 

    * In Italy, "typo" is spelled "tipo" due to its absence of "y" in its language.

    What is ATypI?

    ATypI, Association Typographique Internationale, is the global forum and 
    focal point for the type community and business.

    or TYPO 2017, TYPO ROMA, TYP16, T17, typ16, etc

    Secondary Type: 

    1_ International Conference on Typography and Design
    2_ ATypI: Association Typographique Internationale 
    3_ September 20–22, 2017 
    4_ Sapienza Universita, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185, Italy
    5_ Philippe Apeloig // Charlotte Cheetham // Loiuse Paradis // Laurenz Brunner // Paul Shaw 
         Hamish Muir // Christian Schmidt // Christoph Amend // Matthew Carter // Jan Bajtlik 
         Johannes Bergerhausen // Peter Bil'ak // Erik van Blokland // Lucas de Groot 
         Veronika Burian // Francesco Franchi

    Created and brainstormed 42 ideas for the word mark/logo for Typo Roma 2017.
    All logos carry their own distinct styles and characteristics.
    All logos need to be fresh/type-savvy/sophisticated/contemporary. 

    Design Clever

    42 Word mark/logos

  • Two Selected Logos
  • Variations for logo #1
  • Variations for logo #2
  • B&W Poster variations using the variations of two selected logos. The posters should be 3ft.w x 6ft.h, but for the variations, all posters were scaled down to fit 11x17 (tabloid) size. The goal of the posters was to utilize the elements from the logos and all secondary types (listed above) to create interesting compositions. The purpose of the posters is to promote a typographic design conference held in Sapienza Universita in Rome, Italy. 

  • Really liked the combination between the structural serif typeface and the circles while designing the posters.
    Decided to refine and finalize my logo.

    1_ Got rid of the last three vertical line for the legibility.
    2_ Switched a typeface from a san serif typeface to a serif typeface. 
    3_ Adjusted the space between each column.
    4_ Decided to go with "TIPO" instead of "TYPO".

    Final Logo
  • Also out of all poster variations, considering the legibility, hierarchy and the composition, 
    the class chose these posters down below (B&W version of the same poster):

    1_ Reduced the size of the date of the event and the logo. 
    2_ Made sure there was no spelling errors.
    3_ Adjusted the positions of the secondary types. 
    4_ Tightened the gap between the "letters".

    Final Posters

    Posters x2: 3ft.w x 6ft.h black and white posters x2 versions.
    One black on white, the other white on black. 
  • Created a consistent identity system for the name badges. 

    1_ Three horizontal circles for the speakers. 
    2_ Two vertical circles for the participants.
    3_ Four circles for the staffs. 
    4_ One circle for the volunteers. 

    Final Name Badges
  • Logo (Front) / Logo Repetition (Back)
  • Mock-Ups
  • Final presentation (12/13/16)

    H_M_C_T (Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography) at ArtCenter College of Design

    Tote bag, stickers, t-shirts, three mock ups, name badges, logo, posters. 
  • A Picture of Katherine Choi
  • Photo taken by Kristen Chon
  • Photo taken by Kristen Chon . A photo of Sean O'Brien (Left). Simon Johnston (Right).
  • Special thanks to Simon Johnston for his guidance and support.
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