V.WAV // Hacker Cult

  • V.WAV is a digital communal living experience (A CULT) for millennial designers, artist and programmers who believe in hacking humanity by communicating with other worldly realms using obsolete technology.

    V.WAV believes in uploading their consciousness to reality's that they create, thus becoming their own gods. They hack obsolete technology creating portals to other realms in order to communicate with multi-dimensional entities gaining the knowledge to transcend.
  • The Input symbolizes the mechanism of uploading the human consciousness into virtual reality's and other worldly dimensions through portals. 
  • The Portal symbolizes entering your new reality, one with 32 levels. 
  • The Vapor Wave symbolizes your spirit (vapor) flowing (wave) through virtual reality's
  • The Sphere symbolizes the world turnt sideways, a world in which  you are now your own God.
  • whatisvwav.org is an alternate reality game used as a recruitment tool for V.WAV. By entering certain phrases in the chat, the website is hacked and taken over, throwing the user down a rabbit hole of 32 levels of cryptic messages that they have to solve. Only the best hackers will solve the puzzle and at the end they find a initiation video.
  • The V.WAV app is for members only giving them access to the information in the 32 levels, a portal where they can communicate with the leader and a section where the community shares what they have hacked.