• American Gods
    Title Sequence

    Starz Drama

  • Design Studio: Elastic
    Director: Patrick Clair
    Lead Compositor and Animator: Raoul Marks
    Composite and Animation: Yongsub Song, Sam Sparks
    Editor: Devin Mauer
    Designers: Jeff Han, Felix Soletic
    Storyboard Artist: Lance Slaton
    Producer: Paul Makowski
    Head of Production: Carol Salek
    Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
    Managing Director: Linda Carlson
    Music by: Brian Rietzell
    Sound Design: Echolab

    Special Thanks to Bryan Fuller, Michael Green, David Slade, Dauri Chase, Brian Reitzell, Starz, 
    FremantleMedia, and Neil Gaiman for their wealth of support, inspiration and ideas.