Team Tyrolia Project Ouvert 1975 Typ.35x4 Automatique

  • This idea has been kicking around in my notebooks for a while. Rough sketches, just getting the vibe of mass and form and considering the best angle to present. I visualized a graphic flow of yellow from the front of the airbox shape into the body and like the simplicity of the lower right sketch.
  • Below is the initial rough comp. Some design is yet to be sorted out, but i get a good feel of what the final will be like, color, layout, and value. Including text (some has been carried over from a previous box design) this comp took two hours.
  • Rendering 101. slightly metallic blue. Starting with basecoat, then adding glossiness.
  • Final illustration. Some background toning to "age" the art and also make the car pop a bit more...
  • My plan, is to continue this series of autonomous f1 model kit box art from an alternate reality with a few more installments. I would love to see this in 3D at some point.