• Anchor Distilling Ready-To-Serve Cocktails
  • Packaging concept for premium ready-to-serve cocktails for Junípero Gin and Genevieve Genever. Inspired by oil and vinegar cruets, the bottle-within-a-bottle design pours a perfectly proportioned cocktail every time, eliminating the hassle of measuring and mixing ingredients. Junípero Gin and dry white vermouth blend to create a classic dry Martini, while Genevieve Genever combines to create a Martinez, the predecessor to the modern Martini.

    The bottle design draws inspiration from the asymmetrical form of the male body and bespoke Savile Row suits, blending elegant, tailored details with structural cues from antique taper gin bottles. Bold typography emphasizes the confidence, class, and polish of the brand.

    From the bottle’s asymmetrical posture and tailored “lapel,” to the juniper berry inspired punt, each element brings a sense of luxury to the high-demand ready-to-serve cocktail market, which currently lacks a premium alternative.
    This project was featured in Creative Quarterly 30.

    Course: Independent Study
    Instructor: Gerardo Herrera
    Design: Laurel Geddes
    3D Digital Rendering: Paul Sherstobitoff
    Objet Printed Prototype: Solid Concepts
  • The "lapel" detail connotes Savile Row bespoke men's suits.
  • The custom punt design resembles the juniper berry that gives gin its characteristic flavor.