Jack Daniel's Grilling Sauce

  • What do you do when a venerable brand of whiskey wants to enter an already crowded market?

    Start by throwing away the typical food shot approach and speak directly to the core audience; men with grills and a glass in their hand.

    Our client was wise enough to evoke the iconic Jack Daniel's bottle in the package design  - so I put it front and center, standing alone, as confident as a wild west gunslinger.

    The background is hand-painted to create texture and space. Typographically I wanted a modern take on the frontier broadside, highly tactile and bold. After much experimentation the best result was achieved by typesetting with InDesign, printing, apply 100 grit sandpaper and then rescanning.

    The net result was a series of ads that would differentiate our client's unique brand from all the others on the store shelf.