• A data-driven cloud

    The eCLOUD is a dynamic sculpture inspired by the volume and behavior of an idealized cloud. Made from about 3,000 polycarbonate tiles that can fade between transparent and opaque states, its moving patterns are influenced by real time weather data from around the world.

    San Jose International Airport, San Jose, California, USA, 2010

    Artists:Nikolaus Hafermaas, Dan Goods, Aaron Koblin

    Full Project Credits:
    Creative Producer: Jamie Barlow, Uebersee, Inc.
    Structural work: Simon Franklyn and Jim Hetherington, International Rigging
    Electrical engineering: David Randall, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Software design/programming: Daniel Massey
    Photos: Spencer Lowell

    Special thanks to: 
    Mary Rubin, Barbara Goldstein, Gorbet+Banerjee, Steven Herget, Matt Wisdom, Stephan Esterhuizen, and LTI Smart Glass.
  • We wanted the eCLOUD to behave as if it were hovering in different locations around the world, affected by local weather conditions. When it's windy in Rio de Janeiro, the volumetric pixel animations behave in a way it evokes the wind and direction it is going in that city. In a few seconds, the cloud is metaphorically moved to another city, lets say Sao Paulo, and if it were raining there, our cloud would look like it's raining.
    We show this on a large dynamic display that is running custom software which pulls data from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) about international weather conditions. These data are used to create a real-time simulation representing weather from over 100 different locations around the globe.